HIV/AIDS in Pakistan

The tip of the iceberg



The Association of Pakistani Physicians of New England (APPNE) in collaboration with HIV Communication Project team  and experts from several institutions is working to help local governments and institutions to deal with the HIV disease situation in Pakistan through the HIV Capacity Building Project. It aims to communicate HIV knowledge to both providers and patients using an open dialogue about HIV disease.


HIV/AIDS in Pakistan the tip of the iceberg


HIV Capacity Building Project


We are asking for your support to help raise funds for the following activities:


-Create HIV specific courses for different levels of health care Providers in Pakistan. —These courses will be free of cost on a few platforms in pakistan. Any health care professional including physicians, nurses, and paramedical staff will be able to learn about this disease through online resources.


-We will support prevention and awareness efforts of different agencies including National AIDS Control Program by helping them to acquire more resources (like diagnostic kits and disposable syringes) to increase their HIV awareness and prevention efforts/ program.


HIV Communication Project in Pakistan