Green School and Solar Well

Very seldom, we get to be part of a project that has such a large and long-lasting effect that it makes it all worth the effort. The Green School and Solar Well project is one such effort. With the support of APPNEand friends in our community, my team and I went to Thar, Pakistan and helped to initiate a self-sustaining model that will have a long-term, positive impact.  Below is a synopsis of the effects of the whole project on the villages
of Thar:

  1. Direct supply of water to the huts of most of the villagers. Th e rest will get it from a tank, instead of manually pulling it out of a well.
  2. Household men are now free to look for employment outside the villages which increases the household income.
  3. Children are now able to go to Green Schools instead of helping the family get water from the well.
  4. Disposable time for women to work on their handicraft business which also brings in additional income.
  5. Water is readily available for personal hygiene, washing clothes, kitchen utensils and garden.
  6. Pregnant women are not getting injured as they are not hauling heavy water containers from well to their homes.
  7. Quality of water has improved. Because the tube-well system is a closed system, contaminated ropes are not being used. Infant and child mortality and morbidity has improved.
  8. No need for domestic animals (camels, oxen and donkeys) to haul water out of the well. This has led to saving money and leading to more economic prosperity.
  9. Less depression and despair as there is more disposable income and less illness in each household.

With this small effort, the lives and health of Thari people, especially women and children, have significantly improved.


Ehsun Mirza, MD